Co-pilot. Supporter. Provocateur. Idea Woman. Detective. Ally. 

I love this work because it allows me to step into these roles wholeheartedly to serve my clients and their vision. 

It is a deep part of my own creative impulse to see what's possible in others and help them do their best work... in the most satisfying and sustainable way possible. What’s the point of success at the sacrifice of your personal or physical wellbeing? Without staying in tune with inspiration and your deepest gifts and talents? Your best ideas... 

Muse Lab was invented as the collaborative space where we answer these questions and together create the exciting alternative.

I am no stranger to blank pages and canvases and I know the pain of stage fright and finding your voice. The harmony of being fully in the flow and the chaos of unmanageability. The balance of entertainment and industry. 

As artists we can be ferociously independent, yet there is a time and a season for collaboration, community, support and direction. I have had the privilege of being mentored by sharp minds and true angels-on-earth who gifted me with their knowledge, wisdom and humor. If and when it calls to you, I seek to share the same…

I love this work because I love YOUR work. And I care how it happens. 

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Places of Study:

    The Lee Strasburg Theatre Institute

    OTIS College of Art and Design

    Boston University communications/Film

    The Eric Morris Actor's Workshop

    The Second City

    The Groundlings Comedy School

    The Chopra Center For Wellbeing

    Creativity Unlimited

    Art for Healing

    Patricia Billman Intuitive Development Program

    International Hypnosis Federation 

    MITx ULab

    Self Expression Leadership Program

    Communications Seminar  

    BASI Pilates

    South Bay Massage College

    Back to Basics Body Professionals

    Thich Nhat Hanh at Deerpark Monastery

    Center for Neuroacoustic Research