voices of clients & partners in crime...


"We feel very lucky to have met Shannon and to have been part of Muse Lab.  Shannon helped us completely re-vamp our creative direction.  She coached us on our sound and look as well as made many valuable suggestions about how we should approach our craft.  One of the most valuable types of advice she gives is saying: "try this instead".  It's very hard to find someone who is honest, forthright, willing to help and who knows what they're talking about.  Shannon does and her outgoing personality not only helps keep things laid back, it helps motivate us and keep us on the right track even when there is a lot of work to be done.
Shannon also spearheaded design of some of our promo materials including a logo that is both a professional and visually pleasing realization of all the disparate ideas we suggested, it looks amazing.  Furthermore, our number of gigs as well as their quality has literally doubled since we started working with her.

Shannon is a gem, we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her."
                                                        - Calvin Anderson (guitarist/singer, Blue Deux)

"Shannon has helped me immensely with my creativity, slowing down, and accessing my innate passion for life. I felt comfortable around her immediately. Her intuition is spot on. And her meditations are like none I've ever experienced. So grateful to have come across her events in LA + to have the ability to work with her!"

 - Bri Seeley (entrepreneur/author)

"Shannon Mahoney is one of these rare individuals who combines deep artistic and creative talents with a sharp intellect and sensitive insight into people’s emotions. I had the pleasure of working with her when she directed a staged reading of my play “After Us the Savage God.” Before beginning rehearsals for the reading, we consulted on the script thoroughly, delving into the characters, the nuances, the subtext. She asked me many questions, which not only resulted in an evening of powerful theater, but also forced me to examine the text to make the play better. Work with Shannon. . . you will be happy you did!"

                        – G. Bruce Smith (award-winning playwright)


 "Her approach to dealing with a block, and all aspects of creativity, is revolutionary.  
Trying to describe what working with Shannon is like, is like trying to describe the taste of Coke to someone who's only had water.  Just try describing effervescence. Muse Lab couldn't be more apropos.  I am a radically different artist after taking her workshop. I have so much more respect for myself as an artist. In fact, I actually see myself as an artist now.  And I see doing my art - whatever it is at the time - as a safe and fun place now and not a terrifying dark corner run by my errant passions. "

                                                      - Kristy Linderholm (writer, filmmaker, editor)

"I kind of don't know where to begin. I want to tell you that you have changed my life. To explain that at 50 years old, I have finally learned to be a confident, self-assured woman... You are an astounding human being! I am a better person for knowing you. You push me past my comfortable limits into a world of self-expression and creativity that I didn't know existed. I wish I could give you back half of the beauty you gave me. You have enriched my life... You have no idea how many times I have wanted to call you to just chat or ask for advice but just waited it out till my 'Therapy Tuesday' rolled around... Your students need you for who you are and what you help us create within ourselves. I love you..."

                                                                     - Kat Wood (dancer)

"Thank you so much for what you've done for women by being the special person and wise instructor that you are. Your Self Expression and classes have meant so much to me. I've been able to look within and use thoughts, emotions, feelings and sensory input to inform my movement and see it evolve as dance. I've been able to work through a lot in the short time I've been your student and I'll be grateful to you always... Thank you for all the "diving deep" experiences". You have helped me grow as dancer, performer, mother and person.
I also wanted to pass along a quote I love, that also remind me of the spirit you infuse in class: 'Live imperfectly with great delight!'
                       Thanks for everything!"
                                                - Dawn Beigel (dancer)


"Working with Shannon has been a complete pleasure. Her perspectives have been completely eye-opening and invaluable to me individually and to my group as a whole. She has worked with us to more clearly define our image and sound, and to move towards unifying these two into a brand. More than anything, she’s been a guide to finding and realizing my musical and artistic visions. 

The most valuable thing about working with Shannon has been finding the confidence to express myself more fully. The group meetings with her have also served as incredible forums for discovery, where she has simply facilitated finding drives and intentions I didn’t know I had, as opposed to pushing me in a particular direction. I can’t say how lucky I feel to have met her."
                                                                                                                                           - Elias Schwarzmann (violinist/singer, Blue Deux)


"The creative process is not simply fluff, pomp and circumstance. It can be a dangerous and brave exploration of the human experience. Culture Shock Productions explores the brokenness in the human experience brought about by cultural divides and hopefully through the process we discover resolution or answers. Our mantra is "where worlds collide our stories reside" and we are committed to finding , nurturing and telling these stories through digital image expression. We have recently gone to Kurdistan, Iraq in to refugee camps to interview the survivors of the ISIS genocide. Camp to camp and tent to tent we collected a number of stories that are the worst evils a human can experience at the hands of another. Shannon's depth of understanding of the creative process, encouragement and guidance through difficult material has been a pillar of strength to press on and finish the project. She offers practical and authentic paths forward when the process seems overwhelming and the end is nowhere in sight. She is a beacon of truth and failure is not in her lexicon. No matter how strong we think we are we all need support in order to succeed in life and Shannon has a specific, organized and nurturing path to supporting and encouraging the creative process with purpose. "

                                                              - David Kabbe (producer, Culture Shock Productions)


"You light up my life with your passion, depth and insight. To see your face when you said, 'You can do anything!' was amazing.... and you said it to me! Thank you for all your words of wisdom, growth, love and support. I reached a point in life at the moment of facing myself in that (dance) solo that I'll never forget. To push past/through fear is exceptional to my heart- and you guided me through that. I hope to know that you allow your same strength and passion for yourself, to know how you affected my life!"

                                                                      - Marya (dancer)

"Shannon’s group workshop was a breath of fresh air into my life. The time, the place, the group, the content… everything was surrounded by a magical halo that inspired me. I’d love to continue learning from and with her. The workshop was different from anything else I’ve ever signed up to. No labels, no judgements. It was insightful, mindful, fun! I felt safe and free during my time with her and the group. Forever grateful!"     

                                                                                - Julia Camara-Calvo (artist, actor)

"Shannon is a wise, insightful, patient, and honest nurturer of the creator within each of us.  Going to Shannon's workshop is like taking your soul to a spa.  You leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, cared for, and energized."

                                                                                 - Evangeline Ordaz (screenwriter)

"Thank you for bringing such a positive and soulful spirit to your classes and all the people who benefit from it. I, for one, will attest to the growth you helped me achieve in my personal life through dance. "

                                                                                 - Mary Jane Lira-London (dancer)

"Participating in a consultation with Shannon Mahoney is difficult to put into words. You must experience it for yourself. This affable, cheerful, and charitable soul will give you her absolute and undivided attention and seemingly make time stop as she pours years of wisdom, powerful questioning, and brilliant empowerment to make you feel heard, acknowledged, and challenged. You will be reminded of your unique greatness and resourcefulness and will ultimately be empowered to begin taking action in designing the life of your dreams. Shannon helped me gain clarity on not only my own artistic vision as an actor but also my vision as a leadership coach. She made me believe that I can do both - and do both well - and not have to give up one to do the other. Thank you, Shannon. from the bottom of my heart." 

- Harry Louis (actor, leadership coach)

"Loving the Creative Life was a terrific experience! I appreciate Shannon's guidance in creating such a safe space for me to give myself permission to get in touch with the creativity I knew was right below the surface when I first walked in. This workshop was the perfect place to be vulnerable while meeting and connecting with other beautiful souls!"

                                                                                - Melissa Yee (engineer, dancer, visual artist)