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Dearest writers, artists, filmmakers and performers... MY PEOPLE.

We both know you're talented. You've obviously got *something.* A LOT of it. But often with great talent comes great... frustration.

You see more. You feel more. You sense a lifetime in a moment and an idea around every corner. You have great taste.

But you're also human and have to manage the call of your wild imagination with wearing pants in public. It's not always easy to walk between worlds and it's not always easy to mediate between a right and left brain threatening divorce.  

But you have to. Because somewhere, someone doesn't just want what you have to create. They NEED it. It's the difference for them.

The same way someone else's work was the difference for you.

IMG_4749 2.jpg

I daydream and wonder about that song you didn't write, movie you didn't make, gig you never booked and story you didn't tell. I don't want to throw flowers on that grave. I want to jump straight into the 'why?!' of it with you, so we can pool our genius to create a different fate.

I want to know what you're sacrificing just to express. Or not expressing to keep your family from thinking you're weird.

I want to know what makes time stop for you. And what you never have time for.

I don't care if it's a Tolkien-sized mountain to climb or a pebble in your shoe that brought you here. I don't want it to stop you any longer from getting where you need to go.

So the world doesn't miss out on you.

And MOST importantly

So you don't miss out on that oh-so-amazing feeling of seeing your own *something* come alive, where there was once just a big 'ol empty space waiting for it...


one to one


I offer personalized programs that reflect both your needs as an individual and that of your medium/media or project. (Don't worry if you have too many to choose from.) I created Muse Lab so that you'd have a space and a person that sees you as an individual with a unique background, mind, heart and soul. Who also has a unique way of thinking, dreaming and working. It's not about trying to fit a one-size-fits-all method. It's about understanding your own nature, values, style and talent to meet them with something that works.  

 Whether you need a jump start or an overhaul, I am here to support you with intuition, rigor and humor! Packages usually include private meetings/phone, email and can include rehearsal/workshopping or field trips. I am available in person in Los Angeles and via phone anywhere in the world. Let's have some fun... 



I'm an email-first kinda person, and I'd like to reach you there.



Have an existing troupe, cast, organization or company you'd like to support? Keeping your group inspired, on the same page and doing their absolute best work is essential. Having a third party facilitator can open up a safe and supportive space to identify what's not working and address it, or think outside the box to push your vision to the next level. It can also simply serve as a fun way to bond and encourage teamwork and creativity. 

Let's chat about the possibilities! We'll start with a consultation so that I can learn more about your mission and goals both creatively and as a working collaborative. If we're a match, I'll follow up with a detailed proposal imagining what your custom program would look like. Everything from style, location and format will be tailored to your specific needs and what your community would most enjoy.



I would prefer to drop you a note first here.